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The 2017 Open enrollment period begins November 1st, 2016 with coverage beginning as soon as January 1st, 2017. You may still apply for 2016 coverage if you have certain life events that involve a change in your family or a loss of other health coverage. If you experience a qualifying life event you can come see one of our Assisters to help you with your special enrollment. You can still apply for Medicaid and KCHIP at any time this year.



For additional information you can go onto or Call 1-855-326-4650

You can also speak to our outreach enrollment specialist (Assister) at 1-606-633-4871



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What is the health benefit exchange?


A health benefit exchange is an organized marketplace for individuals and employees of small businesses to shop for health insurance based on price and quality. Kynect is run by the Office of Kentucky Health Benefit Exchange within the Cabinet for Health and family Services. Federal law requires each state to have

on line health Insurance marketplace to ensure that all Americans have access to quality health-care.


Medicaid Expansion Information


The Medicaid expansion provision of the Affordable Care Act requires states to expand Medicaid to cover all non-elderly residents with incomes up to 138% FPL starting Jan.1, 2014. Individuals will no longer need to meet both income and other medical or categorical requirements (e.g., Children, disabled, etc.) to be eligible for Medicaid.


The expansion will enable childless adults (ages 19-64) to get Medicaid. Depending on household size and income you may be eligible for the new MAGI Medicaid. If you fall below the 138% FPL (Federal Poverty Level) then you are eligible for the new MAGI Medicaid.


For more information visit the Kynect Website at


You can also speak to one of our outreach enrollment specialists by calling (606) 633-4823


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