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If you have already completed the sign-up process and would like to login to the patient portal please select the Login button below. You will be directed to the patient portal login page.



Patient Portal Login

Patient Portal Sign-up



If you have not completed the login process and would like sign up for the patient portal please select the button below.  A new window will open, but please refer to the directions below to receive your sign up information.


With patient portal you will receive benefits such as:


                                                                                                  Ability to access select health record information

                                                                                                  Request medication renewals

                                                                                                  Request appointments

                                                                                                  Exchange secure messaging with you doctors   



After selecting the sign-up button above you will be directed to a page (pictured below) asking for two pieces of information. A security token which must be given to you by a MCHC receptionist and an active email address which will be used primarily for the sign up process and to update you of changes to your online portal information. Please have an active email ready for the receptionist.


Hint: You may create an email via www.gmail.com if you do not have one already.


To receive your token and to initiate the sign-up process you can either visit an MCHC location or you may call your primary MCHC center.  The phone numbers for all of our locations are listed here.


Patient Portal Sign-up


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